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Volume 4B


Contains 55 Results:

Button: "Jon Ossoff: Pelosi's Boy Toy", Summer 2017

 Item — Volume: 4B, Object: anti-button-04
Identifier: W159-anti-button-04

Button: "America FIRST: President Trump, V.P. Pence, Jan. 20, 2017", 2017

 Item — Volume: 4B, Object: anti-button-05
Identifier: W159-anti-button-05
Scope and Contents

Red, white and blue with American flag image. Inaugural button, January 20, 2017. Small type along edge of button: God Bless America; 1 3/4". **This button was included for free by the seller, Kevin Duffy, when the above 3 buttons (items #1-3) were purchased.**

Dates: 2017

Button: "Politics Make Strange BEDfellows-Hillary Clinton & Rev. Al Sharpton-AIN'T LOVE GRAND", circa 2008

 Item — Volume: 4B, Object: anti-button-06
Identifier: W159-anti-button-06
Scope and Contents

Color photograph on red background of Rev. Al Sharpton and Hillary Clinton with text: "Politics Make Strange BEDfellows-Hillary Clinton and Rev. Al Sharpton-AIN'T LOVE GRAND". 3".

Dates: circa 2008

Button: "Hillary RODMAN Clinton-As Bad As She Wants To Be", circa 2008

 Item — Volume: 4B, Object: anti-button-09
Identifier: W159-anti-button-09
Scope and Contents

Photoshopped color photograph as Hillary Clinton as Dennis Rodman with short shocking orange hair on white background with text: "Hillary RODMAN Clinton-As Bad As She Wants To Be". 3".

Dates: circa 2008

Button: "You Thought Hillary Was Awful?", 2016

 Item — Volume: 4B, Object: anti-button-10
Identifier: W159-anti-button-10

Button: "Billionaires for Hillary", 2016

 Item — Volume: 4B, Object: anti-button-18
Identifier: W159-anti-button-18

Button: "Duck Honesty", 2016

 Item — Volume: 4B, Object: anti-button-19
Identifier: W159-anti-button-19
Scope and Contents

Photoshopped image of Hillary Clinton wearing duck hunting make up and a red, white & blue bandana around her head, a silhouette of a duck flying over her, on white background with text: "Duck Honesty". 2 1/4".

Dates: 2016